This past summer, I interned for the NY Press. Check out some of my published work here or pick up a copy of Our Town Downtown, a local Lower Manhattan newspaper.

Whooping Cough Cases Triple in New York State

Designer Chain Daffy’s To Close All NYC Locations

City Holds First Hearing On Mayor’s Controversial Soda Ban

Major MTA Restorations, Expansions in Manhattan and Brooklyn

Mayoral Candidate Publishes 2012 Worst Landlords of NYC List

Ladies Be Warned: NYC Artist Takes Videos and Pictures of Unsuspecting Women on the Subway

Activists Come Out to Protest NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Policy

Sunbathing in Your Backyard Should Not Be a Public Event, Says Sen. Schumer

NYC Creates More Jobs but Unemployment is Still Rising

Mayor Stands by Stop-and-Frisk Policy but Agrees It Could Be Amended

Zadroga Bill to Cover 50 Types of Cancer

East Village Shop Only Sells NYC Tap Water

LES Shop Adds Alcohol to the Cupcake Craze

Restaurants Willing to Pay 40k Per Month for Pat Field’s Bowery Space

Robert De Niro Honored at the Ghetto Film School’s Benefit Gala

2012 Vimeo Awards Celebrating Where Film Meets the Web

Five Friends Take on New Yorkers and Their Love of Pizza

Man Plans to Play Piano Across America, Starts Tour in NYC

Celebrating NYC as a City of Water

Commuters, Tourists Stop to Get Fresh Produce in Battery Park City

State Audit Says Apple Has Unfair Advantage in Grand Central

Victims of Gun Violence Get Younger

Kidnapped Man Found in Police Detective’s Garage

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